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Islamic Trousers and Un-Islamic Shalwar

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A not so recent post on ATP received an interesting array of comments – raising an important question:

What is Islamic and What is unIslamic – and who gets to make that definition. this is really not a new discussion. But what i’d like to know is if there are certain actions of beliefs thats can qualify Islam Neutral?

Revolution my ASH

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gone are the days of men of principle and ideology and leaders fighting for the deprived.

hatred (against a man or a system) isnt enough to sustain a revolution. We are united against dictatorship and poverty and corruption and greed and military intervention. But the question is not what we will stand against, its what will we stand for?

PS: the answer is not democracy, the answer isnt Islam.

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. the answer is blowing in the wind.

Its NOT the end of the world as we know it.

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America has been killing and destroying countries in the name of democracy and advocating it as the solution to terrorism. It obviously has not worked.

So is it that odd that we took the alternate route? between “Pure Democracy” and “Pure Dictatorship” there has to be a solution somewhere. I’m Glad Musharaf took the other approach. Democracy was obviously not working.

We complain when we see our leaders follow to the tunes of the white piper, and we complain when our leaders think for themselves(literally).

Phase 3 of the transition will have to wait. There are important matters to address first, such as an independent judiciary, and media men who wont listen to the very people who  created their jobs!

and look, the first working day into the Martial Law and we freed the 200 soldiers in exchange for 25 militants! how’s that for results- ofcourse the 25 militants are much more benign compared to the 60 Lal Masjid terrorists freed by the Supreme Court. Such success can only come at the cost of sacrificing fundamental rights!

There are other success stories too. We all hate people who stand for something, they can be so annoying. uptight, no sense of humor, thinking theyre better than us. men of principles. pffft. Yeah right.  Thankfully there are fewer of those as of this morning.

And the TV Channels, they had it comming, Geo, ARY, Aaj and what not – they were more like commercial channels with news thrown in between.

oh khocha kya taight bacha hai…maasoom type

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This is not a racist post. But i did have lunch in Quetta where me and my friend were the only guys dressed in trousers in that particular part of town where you get authentic traditional cuisine. Served with French fries though.

So on being poondi of the day I say Lash Pash. Lash Pash.

BB of destruction Part. 1

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In no way implying that she intentionally had her people killed – but is a hundred odd dead people any price to pay compared to the grand show, millions dancing in the streets?

Anyways the objective of this post is a glance through the “latest news” on right now:

  • Karachi blasts toll rises to 133
  • Bombing ‘planned meticulously’
  • Death toll from Philippines blast at eight, 70 injured
  • Benazir Bhutto will stay in Pakistan to fight elections: party
  • Pakistan says militants behind Benazir attack
  • Karachi: Markets, bazaars closed this morning
  • Asif Ali Zardari blames Pakistani intelligence for Karachi blasts
  • President Musharraf condemns Karachi blasts
  • Karachi Stocks up 64.33, points: KARACHI, Oct 19: The KSE-100 index was at 14819.25, up 64.33, points. (Bureau Report) (Updated @ 15:15 PST)

Death and Sorrow everywhere and the market gains 65 points. Explain that!

My Felow Hypocrites!

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You wonder why we are in such a mess?

Here’s the answer

Enlightened shinlightened.

Wrap your mind around these statistics:

-Osama Bin Laden is more popular than Musharaf amongst Pakistani people.
-49% of us support Jihadi Groups.

-41% think implementation of Shari’a Laws should be a top Govt. Priority.

-18% of us think suicide bombings are justified!

-32% people feel Pakistan is headed in the right direction

-45% of us feel that the military SHOULD have a role in politics!

“This survey lays bare some dichotomies in the minds of the public. While 76% desire strict implementation of Sharia laws throughout the country but only 18% admitted that they attended the mosque daily. Moreover, MMA is the biggest alliance of the religio-political parties in the field which is strongly committed to the implementation of the Sharia laws but only 4% are expected to vote for the MMA whereas 15% and 13% may vote for the centrist parties (PML-N) and (PML-Q) respectively and 24% are committed to the centre-left PPP. Ironically, this low voter commitment to MMA is in spite of the fact that 43% agree that MMA has fulfilled its campaign promises against 36% who think it hasn’t.”

So for the most part we are a collection of illiterate, emotional, hypocritical, fascist, racist, ignorant and selfish people calling ourselves a nation.

Show me hope and ill show you a tunnel that leads to nowhere.

We keep clinging on to blind faith and hope what Quaid-e-Azam did was really a good thing.

PS: I’m not so naive as to think Surveys can not be biased. so please go ahead and let me know if you think the methodology is flawed or the conclusions biased:

Hello world!

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